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About Deviant Dmitry Bogdanov45/Male/Russia Groups :iconprehistory-alive: Prehistory-Alive
Bringing prehistory back to life
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Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone by DiBgd Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone :icondibgd:DiBgd 56 4 Hibbertopterus and Casineria by DiBgd Hibbertopterus and Casineria :icondibgd:DiBgd 102 8 Screbinodus ornatus by DiBgd Screbinodus ornatus :icondibgd:DiBgd 49 3 Ianthodon by DiBgd Ianthodon :icondibgd:DiBgd 44 2 Platycephalichthys by DiBgd Platycephalichthys :icondibgd:DiBgd 48 0 Titanophoneus rugosus by DiBgd Titanophoneus rugosus :icondibgd:DiBgd 63 6 African Inostrancevia? by DiBgd African Inostrancevia? :icondibgd:DiBgd 92 13 Fortunodon trautscholdi and Dvinia prima by DiBgd Fortunodon trautscholdi and Dvinia prima :icondibgd:DiBgd 86 6 Ischeevo Landscape by DiBgd Ischeevo Landscape :icondibgd:DiBgd 85 5 Malaya Kinel Faunal Subassemblage by DiBgd Malaya Kinel Faunal Subassemblage :icondibgd:DiBgd 70 4 Mastodonsaurus torvus by DiBgd Mastodonsaurus torvus :icondibgd:DiBgd 64 4 Acanthostega gunnari by DiBgd Acanthostega gunnari :icondibgd:DiBgd 54 8 Mammoth from Ust Tarka by DiBgd Mammoth from Ust Tarka :icondibgd:DiBgd 46 3 Mammuthus trogontherii chosaricus by DiBgd Mammuthus trogontherii chosaricus :icondibgd:DiBgd 53 3 Taman' s mammoth by DiBgd Taman' s mammoth :icondibgd:DiBgd 44 1 Mammoth du Durfour1 by DiBgd Mammoth du Durfour1 :icondibgd:DiBgd 43 2


A hungry humpback by Xiphactinus A hungry humpback :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 82 3 Alien Form by amorousdino Alien Form :iconamorousdino:amorousdino 147 5 Indeterminate Protosuchid by Kana-hebi Indeterminate Protosuchid :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 100 6 Montanazhdarcho minor by Xiphactinus Montanazhdarcho minor :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 107 4 Liopleurodon ferox by Kana-hebi Liopleurodon ferox :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 164 61 Islands by dinoved Islands :icondinoved:dinoved 13 0 Picrocleidus beloclis by Kana-hebi Picrocleidus beloclis :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 168 21 Resurface by Midiaou Resurface :iconmidiaou:Midiaou 253 80 Saurian Axestemys by ChrisMasna Saurian Axestemys :iconchrismasna:ChrisMasna 197 28 Ice Age horses by Renum63 Ice Age horses :iconrenum63:Renum63 182 28 Shallows of the inland sea by Raph04art Shallows of the inland sea :iconraph04art:Raph04art 410 8 Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis by Plioart Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis :iconplioart:Plioart 93 26 The case on the shore of the lake by dinoved The case on the shore of the lake :icondinoved:dinoved 19 0 Megaloceros 2 by Renum63 Megaloceros 2 :iconrenum63:Renum63 338 49 Hyaenodon horridus by Rom-u Hyaenodon horridus :iconrom-u:Rom-u 72 3 Ice Age steppe bison by Renum63 Ice Age steppe bison :iconrenum63:Renum63 129 23


Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone
Fauna of Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone - Late Permian of South Africa: Pareiasaurian Pareiasuchus, small burrowing Dicynodont Cistecephalus (right foreground); giant Gorgonopsian Rubidgea (on the rock) and giant Dicyonodont  Aulacephalodon (left background)
Hibbertopterus and Casineria
Small amniote Casineria watch on giant Eurypterid Hibbertopterus. Early Carboniferous of East Kirkton, Scotland
Screbinodus ornatus
Screbinodus ornatus, big Rhizodont fish and Adelospondylus (primitive tetrapod), Eary Carboniferous of Scotland
Ianthodon schultzei , small and most primitive known Sphenacodont from Garnett, Kansas (Missourian, Late Pennsylvanian).
Platycephalichthys bishoffi and Bothriolepis maximus. Late Devonian (Frasnian) of North European Russia and Latvia


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Dmitry Bogdanov
Current Residence: Chelyabinsk, Russia
Favourite genre of music: Blues
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson


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